The otcDigital platform is built with proven technologies and architecture that truly adhere to Software as a Service (SaaS) principles:


With a single version of our trading platform deployed in a scalable secure environment, end users enjoy an integrated virtual OMS, position and portfolio management system


With configurable service engines that can be deployed over several physical servers, the platform can serve real time market data (Level I, II), order executions to several thousand users


Multi-tenant, Multi-instance Trading databases with replicated archive databases for trading, reporting and portfolio management


Bug fixes, enhancements, new features are all automatically available to all users. As connectivity is established to newer venues (Exchanges,SEFs,custody solutions), all users will have access to the venues instantly

Techonology Components


  • Distributed Micro-services
  • Multi-tier, Scalable Architecture
  • Multi-threaded, parallel computing
  • Single/Multi-tenant services
  • Fully secured services

Client Technology

  • Java based core trading web application
  • HTML5, Javascript, Angular
  • HTTPS only, streaming data via Websockets
  • Multi-factor sign-on and authentication
  • DMZ: webservers, loadbalancers

Cloud Deployment

  • Private/Public/Hybrid clouds
  • Single/Multi-tenant cloud infrastructure
  • DevOps for cloud management
  • Services deployment and key management
  • REST API/MQ for cloud data access


  • End to end security services
  • Multi-factor sign-on and authentication
  • Independent client session management and verification
  • All data in flight and at rest are encrypted

Distributed Ledger Technology

  • Off-Ledger Microservices
  • Multi-network (D2D, D2C) Ledgers
  • ISDA CDM, JSON with FpML, FIXML payloads
  • Integration to DLT using MQ/JMS

Digital Assets Trading

  • Integration with multiple Digital Exchanges
  • Aggregation and exceution using FIX/REST/Websockets
  • Simple/web/HD multi-sig/MPC wallet integration